kwaheri, canonical. hujambo, angaza.

Four and a half years ago, I joined Canonical to pursue a mission and a dream: to deliver successful products informed by open source values to real human beings.

Looking back, I’m proud to have played a very minor part in the commercial successes we’ve achieved, from shipping millions of pre-loaded Ubuntu laptops, thin clients, countless secret futuristic demos, and of course, our imminent phone launches with various OEM partners and operators.

And now, it’s time for me to move on to a different mission. Lately, I’ve grown more concerned and disturbed by the gulf between the developed vs developing worlds, and so I’ll be joining a very small, very early startup here in San Francisco to bring clean solar energy and modern financing + credit histories to off-grid and under-banked populations in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Pakistan.

It seems I am forever destined to work at companies with impossible-to-pronounce Swahili names. My new gig is at Angaza Design, and “angaza” means:

give light, illuminate, irradiate, shine

Apropos, no? And here’s another backgrounder on the problem Angaza is trying to solve.

For those curious, I will be staying in San Francisco for the next bit, and indeed, I will actually be going to an office on a daily basis for the first time in a long time, which means that my pants budget will increase dramatically. My new role will involve writing a lot more code than I currently do which I’m eagerly anticipating.

My last day at Canonical will be Friday, September 5 and I start immediately thereafter at Angaza.

Here’s to the future, shining brightly.