After a long hiatus, Platypus Friday is back. Today, a poem from Aleister Crowley to Leila Waddell:


Dirt is matter in the wrong place.

Thought is mind in the wrong place.

Matter is mind; so thought is dirt.

Thus argued he, the Wise One, not mindful that all place is wrong.

For not until the PLACE is perfected by a T saith he PLACET.

The Rose uncrucified droppeth its petals; without the Rose the Cross is a dry stick.

Worship then the Rosy Cross, and the Mystery of Two-in-One.

And worship Him that swore by His holy T that One should not be One except in so far as it is Two.

I am glad that LAYLAH is afar; no doubt clouds love.

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Thanks to Strange Flowers for the inspiration.

Happy Platypus Friday!