life changes


forsooth, a brake!

I’m moving. Travelling, really.

Around the world.

In 3 to 4 month chunks.

A city at a time.

Really, it’s about time. I’ve been thinking about it for several years now, planning piecemeal, laying down disjointed bits of foundation. But it’s happening. For real.

One of the best perquisites of Canonical is the inherent assumption of remote working. As long as you have a laptop and wifi, you could really work from anywhere in the world (modulo a tiny bit of reality, but for the most part true), assuming you remain productive and available for your colleagues.

It’s time to get while the getting’s good, and take advantage of the freedom. Have laptop, sense of adventure, and strong GI tract; hitting the road, in search of wifi and the perfect bánh mi (or empanada, I’m not terribly picky).

I love Fort Collins. It’s the perfect Pleasantville, and I’ve never been happier living here for 8 years. But Penelope claims that you cannot have both a happy life and an interesting life; you have to choose one.

So, I choose interesting.

When are you leaving?
I leave Ft. Collins on 30 September 2011.

Where are you going?
First stop is San Francisco.

San Francisco is hilly, isn’t it?
Right-o. Hence the recent addition of a rear brake on my fixie. I’m not too scared of pedaling a 54×19 up hills, but I am scared of riding down them without additional stopping power.

For how long?
My sublease runs until 31 December 2011. I’ll probably extend it by an extra month and stay til 31 January 2012 because moving on New Year’s Eve sucks. Unless the world ends, of course, in which case the move will be permanent.

Then what?
I’ll come back to Ft. Collins to make sure my house hasn’t burnt down. Maybe gather a few things, maybe sell some other things, maybe do a bit of skiing (February is the best ski month in Colorado anyway), and figure out where I’m going next.

Oh, you’re not selling your house?
No, I’m too lazy to pack yet, or to fix the small nagging things that need to be fixed in order to sell a house.

Are you renting it out then?
Yes, I’ve some friends renting it out for the first stretch, but nothing lined up after that. Would you like to rent a nice house in early 2012?

How about your car?
My lovely renters will run it once in a while to keep the battery from dying. But I plan on leaving it garaged in Ft. Collins mostly.

Ok, so what’s next?
I’m not sure. I really want to go to Taipei, but it kinda depends on how my current work project is going. We currently have staff in two major timezones, the Americas and Europe. Stretching staff across 3 timezones into Asia is horrible. I did that for my last project, and it meant that someone always had a 2am meeting, which sucked. So, if current project is winding up as expected, Taipei is next. If not, then the next strongest candidate will be Buenos Aires.

What factors into your choices?
I’d really like to improve my Mandarin. I plan on taking lessons in San Francisco, and continuing them in Taipei if I end up there. Otherwise, my Spanish could use some tuning up as well. And I fucking love empanadas. Seriously. A lot.

One factor to consider is the length of the tourist visa. Most countries will give US citizens a 90-day stamp without too much hassle, so those countries are more appealing. But to be honest, this whole trip is an experiment in playing it by ear.

Why keep coming back to Ft. Collins? Why not just a ’round-the-world ticket?
I wouldn’t exactly call myself commitment-averse, but I’ve noticed a common pattern in my life heretofore has involved a lot of hedging. Also see above note re: ear-playing (which sounds a whole lot worse than the longer phrase).

Will you blog? Tweet? Facebook?
Yes. Yes. No.

Email works too.

Will we still get platypus Friday?
I shall endeavor to please.

Don’t you think fake-asking yourself questions on your own blog is a little pretentious?
At times, I hate me too.

And clichéd?
Ok, ok, I get the point.

In any case, if you have travel suggestions, tips, whathaveyou, I’m happy to hear them all.

Stay tuned to this space for the latest and greatest.