We here at Platypus Friday continue to be impressed with our friend, the wombat, and as such, we bring you the second guest installment of Wombat Weekender.

This week, we learned about a giant wombat skeleton discovery.

The plant-eating marsupial would have been the size of a four-wheel drive car and weighed three tonnes, experts say.

Oh, and in case you forgot what a “marsupial” is, the beeb helpfully reminds you with this amazing quote:

These were very huge animals but with pouches

Didja get that? They were huge. But WITH POUCHES!

So, while the wombat on the right might seem large, the ancient giant wombat probably crapped bigger than this modern wimpy wombat. Check out the photo below for a better idea of the scale we’re talking about here. (and if you’re wondering, I got this photo from my time machine; that’s me in middle-aged future visiting Jaustralia and making great touristy photos with which to embarrass my future mortified kids).

Happy Platypus (and wombat) Friday!