As if anyone needed proof that Jaustralia is one of the most jawesome places on the jplanet, we have a special guest edition of Platypus Friday.

Welcome Platypus’s friend, Wombat.

And why is Wombat cool? Because he makes square poo. As the article says:

Wombats produce 4-8 of these cube-shaped scats per deposition event and they frequently deposit them on raised surfaces such as piles of dirt, logs or even mushrooms. The height of the deposit is typically about the height of a wombat’s nose. This serves to advertise their presence to other wombats. The fact that the scats are square rather than round means that they are less likely to roll off a raised surface.

I’ve helpfully included a photo for you:

In other news, I am going to call my trips to the bathroom “deposition events”.