robb's ribs

Actually, they are not Phil Robb’s ribs. He got the recipe from a guy that he used to work with in Phoenix while at Honeywell-Bull named James Ljunggren. Phil simply made them famous in southwest Fort Collins, and I’m posting the recipe here for posterity.

For quantity, assume between 1/3 rack-o-ribs per person to 1/2 rack-o-ribs per person (girls and kids are closer to a 1/3, guys are closer to 1/2).

Phil always recommends getting the baby-back ribs from Sams club, as he’s *never* found anywhere else that has good meaty ribs consistently.

For each 3 racks of ribs, use:

First off wash and pat dry the ribs.

In a big pot add the first 5 ingredients above. Then add your ribs to this mixture. Fill the pot with enough water so that about 2 inches of water are above the ribs (as they sit in the bottom of the pot). Then add the black pepper and the coffee stirring it all around.

Heat pot on high with lid on (just to speed things up) until the water begins to boil. Turn the heat down and slow-boil the ribs for about 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes and/or until the meat begins to recede on the bone.

Pull the ribs from water. slather with bbq sauce of your choice (I use either open pit or KCs regular) starting with the membrane (under) side.

Put ribs on hot grill membrane side down. Slather top of ribs with bbq sauce. By the time you’re done putting sauce on the top, it’s nearly time to flip the ribs. You are only using the grill to caramelize the sauce onto the meat, so it goes really quick.

Pull ribs from grill and serve.