I don’t know a damn thing about pokemons, but I do know a little something about platypus, and I like to think I can always recognize a good idea when I see it.

The fine folks over at Games Radar have a post entitled Eight animals Pokemon hasn’t tackled yet, and one of them is the platypus.

A platypus would feel right at home in the Pokemon world because it’s already an egg layer. Maybe it could be the result of an unholy union between a Psyduck and a Bibarel? Pokemon of different species can already mate successfully, so why not create a new species based on a specific interspecies pairing?

Not only is the platypus one of the only egg-laying mammals, it’s also one of the only venomous mammals. So naturally, a platypus-based Pokemon would have to be at least part Poison-type, and ideally be a Poison/Water combo. They look adorable on the surface, but male platypuses can deliver an excruciating poison sting via their venom-filled ankle spurs, the effects of which can last for weeks or months. If the rumors are true about new weather effects in Black & White, where, for example, you can set up a “poison field” to enhance the effectiveness of poison-type moves, a platypus Pokemon could be a formidable foe indeed.

The most surprising new fact from that discussion is that… Pokemon can mate? What kind of crazy fantasy world is this?