Because I love science, but because pesky things like ethics stand between me and my test subjects, I’m forced to experiment solely on myself.

Which is fine. Good thing I’m my own best friend.

Anyhow, today, I started my newest adventure, which is to say, I’ve signed up for an “explorer lite” membership at a local coworking space, Cohere. Don’t get me wrong — I love working from home. But the idea here is to meet interesting folks and discover more about our Choice City.

And getting out of the house and away from top-sekrit work projects forces me to spend a day a week on knocking off sharpening-the-saw items from my copious TODO list. Sweet.

Plus, not only do they have bitchin’ white leather executive office chairs here, but it turns out if you join, you instantly get like 12 new followers on twitter, which is even easier than getting them my old easy way of getting followers, which would be taking off my pants (reminder).

But hey! It’s platypus Friday! Today, a special treat… there’s a platypus in there, but it flashes by fast, so you’ll have to keep your eyeballs peeled.

I guess some Aussies are upset about this ad, calling it bogan but I think they’re just jealous that they didn’t get to hold the platypus.

I just ousted @ashtonkutcher as the mayor of #hipsterville.