Hi intarwebs, did you miss me? Because I missed you.

I’ve been busy busy busy with the new job at Canonical, drinking from the fire hose out here in Lexington, MA for the past 1.5 weeks, and haven’t had the time nor energy to blog at all.

And that kinda makes platypus Friday a little silly, since the intent was for the platypus stuff to be a nice little bit of intarwombat junk food at the end of the week, but lately it seems like I’ve only been doing platypus stuff, which was not my goal at all.

Oh well. Next week, I’ll be back in Fort Collins, back to a normal schedule, and back to normal energy levels. Hopefully I’ll be writing real entries as well.

On deck is a little bit about my new job. But that will have to wait, friends.

For now, enjoy this simply jawesome video. Words just don’t do it justice.

Happy platypus Friday!