spork-billed platypus

From BizarroBlog, by Dan Piraro.

I missed last week’s platypus Friday due to the annual 10% ski trip, which this year, happened to be in Vermont.

And yes, at this point, you’re thinking the same thing that everyone else has already asked me in person: You live in Colorado but are going to Vermont to ski?

What can I say, I love my friends.

The skiing was mixed nuts, but as always, I learned some new stuff. Including the fact that it is possible for grown adults with many advanced degrees to sustain a 3 hour conversation on poop.

I accused Vyduna of trying to organize a mini foocamp; he thought I was mocking him (again) but really, it’s the reason to go on these trips. The amount of concentrated brainpower always astonishes me, both for the highbrow as well as the hijinks. Smart people are hilarious.

Today I’m in Gunnison, CO where my friend John Peterson allows me to come into his classroom and say whatever I want in front of impressionable undergraduates. As always, I’ve prepared a new talk, and as such, I’m a little unsure on how it’s gonna go. I’m hoping that the 25 Authority points gained by standing in front of a group can compensate for the 30 IQ points lost whenever standing in front of a group.

On the other hand, I brought two helmets for weekend activities, so I’ve got that going for me.

Happy Friday! quack!