happy mother’s day, china edition

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My mom is one of the funniest people I know. Here is a typical conversation between her and my dad:

[Scene: walking in a park, not really looking at anything in particular when they come across a seemingly normal looking vine]

Mom: Three leaves! Poison!
Dad: That’s not poisonous.
Mom: Don’t touch! Poison!
Dad: It’s not poisonous. Look, it has a flower.
Mom: A poison flower.

Ok, maybe only I found that to be hilarious, but it is definitely the essence of my mom. So, in honor of her on mother’s day, here is a photo collage of her in China.

At the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain amphitheatre. When we sat down, she excitedly asked me, “Alex, what type of place is this?” “Um, an amphitheatre?” “Ok great!” It was the first time she’d seen a show in an amphitheatre and was extremely excited about it.

Outside the Forbidden City. She was very concerned that I was making her face look big and round.

At the Temple of Heaven. Mom was wandering around lost for a while until I found her, so double Vs for victory!

Extremely tired after walking up 300 steps or so at the Jiuxiang Cave.

Mom: Stop shaking the lift!

Rocking some double hats outside the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Tribute to Michael Jackson in Shangri-La.

Building a mani in Shangri-La while the boys went out exploring.

nom nom nom. Eating a sweet treat in Nanjing.

“Why do you keep taking pictures of me?” “Oh, no reason”

She’s bigger than a Mongolian horse.

Trying to get me to stop taking pictures of her….

Unsuccessfully, since I was able to capture… this:

Goofing around outside the Olympic Stadium.

I ♥ mom. Happy mother’s day!