that’s a wrap

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Tibetan script inscribed on a brick, Shangri-La

drying laundry, Hangzou

riding the “bullet” train from Shanghai to Hangzou

The official part of the tour ended today.

[Praise the deity of choice here.]

It’s been a fun two weeks, but I’m looking forward both to
unstructured time and me time. I must be getting cranky in my old

Tomorrow, we’re taking the “bullet” train from Shanghai to
Nanjing to visit my uncle, who has decided to relocate there from
the Garden State. We’ll be staying with him for a few days; then
the family returns to the States while I stay in Beijing and

begin the work part of my trip.

ps, If you can afford to stay in the Shanghai Crowne Plaza, I
highly recommend it. It’s the first 5-star hotel we’ve stayed in
that actually merits all of its stars.

This post has been brought to you by my new favorite bathrobe I