tuba xmas 08

Fort Collins had its third annual Tuba Christmas again, and this year, I decided it would be fun to try and play in it. I don’t have my own horn, but luckily my friend Lisa happens to go to CU Boulder for music education and euphonium is her main instrument.

So she came up for the day dragging her department’s tuba and lent me her euph and we showed up at rehearsal at 9:30am.

Man, I was rusty. My range was pretty much limited to one note above the staff; my tone sounded like I was eating a sandbox; I could barely remember how to actually finger the notes; and my attacks were about as sharp as marshmallows.

But, by the end of the two hour rehearsal, things were coming back, and I was able to play just about every challenging lick. Playing the 2nd part the entire time helped quite a bit, I must add.

After a short lunch break of sloppy joes (seriously yes, supplied by the lovely church lady volunteers, and delicious enough), we played in Oak Street plaza for an hour and actually had quite a bit of fun.

I’ve been thinking about picking up the euphonium again, but Sunday made me realize how much work would be involved in becoming decent again, and my priorities have changed these days, so that probably won’t happen any time soon. But I at least proved to myself that I could muddle through Tuba Christmas so there’s always that.

Bonus: Lisa and I got interviewed by the Coloradoan. The story is slightly wrong, because Lisa played tuba while I played euphonium, but to be fair, I was holding the tuba when we were interviewed.