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When you find kindred spirits vibrating along the same superstring in our cosmic universe, life becomes a Miles Davis milkshake. Falling back in the groove with Wendy and Philip was smoother than apple pie.

With open arms, huge smiles, and glasses of fine wines endemic to the greater Tasman region, they welcomed me into their home and without skipping a beat, started sending me on little missions.

“Of course go check out Milford Sound, but we reckon there’s some good climbing and walking on the way back.”

“You might like Cascade Saddle, heaps o’ good tramping in the Matukituki, Dart, and Rees valleys.”

“Views from Mt. Fox might be pretty amazing.”

Multiple days, tens of Ks, hundreds of photos, and thousands of vertical metres later; with achey creaky knees, itchy insect bites, reeking shoes, dorky farmer’s tan, and one tiny blister, I’m smiling.

Life is good here in the N-Zed and leaving is hard.

Reluctantly rapidly, wending my way up the west, cursing the arrow of time; my only consolation comes from a whispered MacArthurian promise to myself.