Meximas 2007 — An Adventure in Three Acts


Finally finished updating my travelogue section, which you might notice on the left sidebar. And brand new for 2008 is the story of Meximas 2007. w00t.


I hope the new year finds you well. But enough about you.[1] Let’s talk about me — spamming your inbox, that is.

That’s right, at some point, I bought your email address from a Russian mafioso ($5 / 10 million addresses) and added you to my BCC travelogue list.[2]

The latest installment, for your reading pleasure, involves an open-itinerary road trip down Mexico’s Baja Peninsula with a dear friend of mine, the lovely and talented Jessica Kuzma, who can make an entire plate of fish, oyster, lobster, marlin, and clam tacos disappear in 30 seconds, and reappear mere minutes later from a completely different part of her body, in a completely transmogrified format. Amazing!

I’m trying something new this time around. Instead of sending out dribs and drabs of email like before[3], we’ve already returned from the adventuring, and tag-teamed and spit-polished our yarn, all packaged up nice and pretty for your perusal:

So grab a cup of coffee, maybe a nice loose meat sammich (don’t forget the avocado; it really holds it all together), and let us entertain you.

For the low, low price of $0, you get a short intro by Jess, and a play in three parts by YT. We promise tales of powerful rental cars, molesting manta rays, RABID WOLVERINES, humorous anecdotes involving local Mexican authorities, and general items of derring-do.[4]

Oh, and of course, pictures! Everybody loves pictures! And nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!

No guarantee is granted, express or implied. In other words, ya gets what ya pays.



1: Just kidding on the “enough about you” obviously. Drop me a line! Tell me how you’re doing!

2: As always, if you want off, just let me know and I’ll stop bugging you (and starting hating you).

3: Previous travelogues can be found here:

4: Act II contains a throwaway line that might be considered slightly offensive, but I’m just stealing a reference from pop culture. Don’t be mad, ac loves everybody. Pinky swear.