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Greetings from south of the equator, aka Ecuador,

Yep, I’m in South America again, this time to “walk up a hill for a long time while feeling bad” (a not-so unaccurate description of mountain climbing from a friend of mine). The big goal is to climb Cotopaxi, which wikipedia tells me is a volcano that is 5,897 m (19,347 ft) tall. Should be a good time over the next two weeks.

I’m in-country now, after a minor snafu with my luggage. For future reference, when you try to be your own travel agent, you should really allow for more connection time between flights than I did. A mere 45 minutes from scheduled arrival of one flight til the scheduled departure of another flight means that you might have to run as fast as you possibly can from concourse A to concourse E, since in reality, you only have 15 minutes to catch that next plane.

Turns out that the airport baggage system doesn´t work quite that fast… Luckily, my giant pack with mucho expensive gear was on the next flight, and I only had to wait an extra 30 minutes at UIO (the airport code for Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, Ecuador). Not bad.

I have a few days before my partners from Chicago arrive and the walking begins in earnest. Having just arrived means nothing exciting has happened yet, unless you count eating some questionable looking chicken at a typical local eatery. I’m sure you’re all waiting on tenterhooks to see what my bowels will do. I know I am.

Anyhow, just wanted to drop a quick line to my favorite BCC’ed people and let them know that things are afoot.

As always, let me know if:

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And just like last time, these emails will be simulcast on my blog.

until then,